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Holidays in South Tyrol

Enjoy your Erika Italian holidays for bargain-prices. Experience personalized day-care, heartwarming hospitality and all the lovable details in the Alps of South Tyrol in Italy.
We'd love to answer all your questions.
Simply call us: 0039 0473 926-111.

"Bella italia" Italian weeks

"Bella italia" Italian weeks

7 nights in der Zeit von: 11/10/2019 - 11/17/2019
from € 1,330.-- price per person
7 days "all'italiana" simply "Dolce far niente"
Among other things you can expect a trip to the Italian speaking area, an extended program about Italy, culinary highlights - experience the cuisine of Italy,


Open kitchen with tips, decorating tips, ...

Experience Italy from its most beautiful side. 

Hotline 0039 0473 926111
Romantic & epicure week

Romantic & epicure week

7 nights in der Zeit von: 11/16/2019 - 11/24/2019
from € 1,582.-- price per person
Favourite moment in hotel Erika!
When are the most beautiful and impressive celebrations?
Book for a whole week and save 5% on the day arrangement!
During the wee, you can also book our wellness" Schnupper" package at a very advantageous price!
Hotline 0039 0473 926 111
Autumn holidays

Autumn holidays

7 nights in der Zeit von: 10/19/2019 - 11/17/2019
from € 1,827.-- price per person
Autumn holidays in South Tyrol.
Epicures have found their perfect holidays destination.
Enjoy every life's delight in the Alps!
Dream days at a dream location

Dream days at a dream location

5 nights in der Zeit von: 10/20/2019 - 11/24/2019
from € 1,360.-- price per person
A wellness voluptuous vacation. Let us pamper you! Do nothing, lay down and let us pamper you... or get active. Everything is possible. Information and inquiries, call us at: 0039 (0) 473 926 111
Wine-Dine & Smile Week

Wine-Dine & Smile Week

7 nights in der Zeit von: 11/03/2019 - 11/10/2019
from € 1,477.-- price per person
It's All About The Wine
Apart from that you'll also have the chance to get our spa-wellness-sneak-package for a special bargain-price.
family dream

family dream

7 nights in der Zeit von: 10/20/2019 - 11/10/2019
from € 1,755.-- price per person
Nature is divulging its secrets to you in the region of Merano!
Breath the parfum of blooming flowers - Nature is surrounding you!
Get some energy and enjoy our wellness package made just for you!
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